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Trevithick 1804-2004
February 21 2004 marked the 200th anniversary of the first steam train to run on rails. The historic journey began in Merthyr Tydfil, and throughout 2004, a series of commemorative events took place, which can be reviewed

WalesRails does not have the resources to research relatives who worked on the railway, plan itineraries or provide detailed histories of railway companies and branches. Some of this information is provided in the relevant WalesRails pages, but where this isn't the case, there is a message board where queries can be posted for other visitors to answer.

There is also a site-specific search engine, where keywords can be used to find information.

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The thumbnail maps on each of the WalesRails pages now all indicate the location of the route or railway covered by that page, a facility previously restricted to preserved railways only.

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The period of validity of published timetables has changed and do not fall into their usual Summer and winter designations. The current timetables run from May 18 to September 7 2014. (Some timetables are valid until December 13 2014. Check the dates given on the respective pages.)

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